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Karaga Clinic

Dizem Bella is the product of the vision and passion of one man, Nayina Karim, who came to Karaga as a medical vendor but quickly realised that medicines alone would not help improve the health of the many malnourished children he encountered. The centre has been run using funding from charitable grants over the years, allowing for the construction of the clinic building and school rooms. Since 2004, more than 1,400 children have been brought back to health at the centre. Karim has the support of the local community, including the local Chief, and was awarded the 2016 MTN Ghana Hero of Change in the category of Education for his commitment to the local people.

You can watch our short documentary “Never underestimate little things: the Dizem Bella story” here:

Thank you to Abdul Washeed and Maccarthy Mac-Gbathy for producing the film

Children playing during a break in classes at Dizem Bella School
Lunch time at Dizem Bella School
Mothers and children at the residential clinic